Hey Brigantine Greenheads! – E-Ko Beach Life

Hey Brigantine Greenheads!


We're so glad you got our box in the mail. E-Ko was founded by a lifelong swimmer so we can appreciate all the great work you are putting into the sport. We'd like to thank you with a few free samples! Don't miss the fact that the swimsuits are made of recycled plastic.

Watch the video below to learn more. 





Additionally we know how important fundraising is the sport. We'd like to help you do so!

1. Use the code "GREENHEADS" anywhere on the site and your team will receive 10% of the sale back in a check at the end  of the month.

2. Get creative here! Use that book that we sent over to tell your family and friends. The more people you tell - the more money you raise!

3. Plus, after you get to $500 in sales, we increase the amount of sales going toward the team to 15%.