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Nature is everyone's business

Alyssa Gesek

Posted on July 18 2020

"Nature is at a tipping point. The natural materials and ecosystems that power businesses, underpin economies and support healthy societies are under huge strain. Businesses have a big role to play in reversing nature loss. But businesses can only do so much on their own, and time is against us. The widespread social and economic disruption caused by coronavirus risks pushing nature down the agenda. Nature is everyone’s business."  - Business for Nature 

We here at E-Ko Beach Life have signed up for Business for Nature's Call to Action asking for ambitious and collective action on nature. We recognize that healthy societies, resilient economies and thriving businesses rely on nature.  With that, we pledge to do our part to preserve and protect the environment. See below for more about the initiative.



Check out their website for more information and resources. 

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