What’s A Logo Got To Do With It? – E-Ko Beach Life

What’s A Logo Got To Do With It?

Our customers love the ocean. Actually...more than that. They want to protect it! It means more than a place to lay in the sun or surf the waves. It makes them feel alive. It is where the feel free and complete. We wanted a logo that represented that. Our name will remain E-Ko Beach Life, but we wanted to honor the ocean more visually through our logo. We chose the stingray. Why? Well, you could say that they are oddly adorable but they are also mysterious, closely related to sharks, kind & gentle around humans and some actually move like a wave and others like a bird. Coral reefs are their favorite hunting grounds, however because of human hunting, ocean pollution, and bleaching of coral reefs, there has been a 30% reduction of these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. 

We will continue to share with you facts about plastics and their effect on the ocean. We will remain true to our responsibility to fight for its protection. We have focused this season on various products that our customers can choose from that are plastic free, chemical free, made from natural, raw ingredients, and where possible, packaged in glass bottles. More on this in our product pages.

We have created great new styles of suits this year (your feedback was amazing!) that remain focused on the beach bum activities, but we are excited to announce that we have also added a new suit for the guys. We want to continue to build out this line, so we hope you try it, or buy it for someone, and give us your feedback so we can keep going. 

So, thank you for continuing to follow us, and welcome to those of you who are new. Either way, be assured that any product we introduce you to we stand behind 100%. Our partners share the same respect for the planet and have created unique products using ingredients you can FEEL GOOD about on your skin and in our waters.