Ethical Packaging – E-Ko Beach Life

Ethical Packaging

We are committed to doing everything we can to stay true to our mission. This is not only for the products you purchase but in the packaging we use to deliver your order. We believe when you receive your E-Ko purchase, YOU will feel good about choosing US

We Strive To:

🐟Conduct business in ways that improve the issue of marine plastic pollution & incentivize recycling.

👍Packaging should contain as much recycled content as possible, and with maximum possible levels of post-consumer recycled content.

    🎁We focus on not making our packaging bigger than it needs to be, so we can avoid using excess materials.  

    We partner with EcoEnclose for all of our packaging. They provide:

    Our 100% Recycled Paper Apparel Mailer that is recyclable, compostable, & plastic-free. 

    Our 100%  Recyclable Padded Mailer that is constructed inside and out from recovered trash.  

    Our packaging paper that is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and compostable. 

    Our custom E-Ko package stickers that use the world's most sustainable sticker option - Zero Waste Stickers!