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Want to be an E-Ko Beach Bum?

We Heard You!

We can't thank you enough for reaching out to us as we launch our brand. We are so happy to have you as followers and believers in our mission. We love what we do and we believe we will only get better by listening and learning from others who like our products and want to support a more sustainable lifestyle by slowing down fast-fashion and all of it's waste. We know you want good quality, clean products in your life and so do we! We want to protect the ocean for generations. If you want to join us , let us know....

Beach Bums

If you are selected to participate, you can choose to earn 10% cash or 20% store credit. You can change your mind anytime, so don't be concerned.

Add @ekobeachlifeambassador to your Instagram or TikTok bio.

Post and tag @ekobeachife on Instagram and TikTok with messaging about sustainability and your discount code during non-sale periods.

Help promote E-Ko's sale initiatives.

Get early access to sales, exclusive discount codes, & earn free products.

Make money for every sale you refer with your exclusive discount code. For each sale made with your code you will be paid a 10% cash commission at the end of the month or choose to receive 20% sales commission as a gift card toward more E-Ko products.

The opportunity to be featured on our social & website!

We can provide content for your posts.

Feedback on any communications.

Details about all of our products.

A monthly zoom meeting all Beach Bums can attend to share successes, ask questions, talk about new products as well as what you are hearing from friends.

E-Ko is looking for part time commission based sales reps to attend cool summer events!

Where? Swim meets, surf competitions, music festivals, 5k races and more.

Pay: 10% of all sales at the event with a guaranteed base of $15/hr.


You must love the beach & ocean.

You truly believe in sustainable products and protecting the ocean.

You like people and have great communication skills!

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