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Horseshoe Crabs

Alyssa Gesek

Posted on June 12 2020

Horseshoe Crabs

The below was published by Clean Ocean Action.


As public use of our beaches begin to open up, we must remain even more vigilant to ensre we treat the ecosystem with respect.  Of special note is the horseshoe crab, a.k.a. the ancient mariner.  This is their critical and must vulnerable time of year when they come ashore to mate and lay eggs, upon which so many other marine life depend.  Remember too, that the horseshoe crab blood is key to safe medical vaccinations.  Their blood is used around the world as the only "super sleuth" for detecting the most miniscule contamination in vaccines, alerting doctors and thereby ensuring only safe vaccines are distributed.  Needless to say, this is important now more than ever.  So, give horseshoe crabs some safe space, too.  Leave them be.



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