Towels – E-Ko Beach Life


Tired of bulky towels that you don't want to drag to the beach? We know!  Ours is compact and comes in it's own lightweight mesh bag. You can throw it in your backpack or even hang it from your wrist. We made it extra long so you can hang out with friends on our 66% recycled (RPET) material. It's thin, lightweight, fast drying, and super soft.

  • Ultra soft feel, super absorbent
  • Dries up to 10x’s faster than terry cloth or cotton towels
  • Holds up to 5 x’s it's weight in water, making it super functional for the beach and pool
  • 78% smaller than a traditional cotton towel
  • Standard size 64x32
Your new microfiber towel is made from recycled materials so it needs a little extra attention when washing...
  • Machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle (even better in a “Guppy Bag”) and machine dry on low or hang dry
What's a Guppy Bag?
  • Guppy bags help to reduce fiber shedding and protects your towel when washing. These specially designed bags filter the fibers that do breakdown during machine washing and prevents microplastic pollution from getting into our water systems.