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Meet The Team

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Father of four.  Love the Jersey Shore and the Amalfi Coast.  Paddle boarding, boogie boarding, jumping waves and drying off in the sand.  Memories with family that last a life time.  Doing this to make sure that my grandkids can have the same experiences with their kids.



Mother of two (unless you count a Pit Bull rescue and English Bull Dog).  The beach has always been a special place for me. Nothing beats watching an amazing sunrise over the ocean or reading a book listening only to the waves. I have many vacation memories as a child at the beach and now it is a place I feel centered and stress-free in as an adult. Living on the east coast, as soon as the days get shorter and the air is cooler, I start counting the hours to summer again! My family’s favorite place is the Bahamas, but I still have on my bucket list Hawaii, The Greek Islands, Italy's Amalfi Coast and Portugal. Until I get there, I'll be happy building E-Ko Beach Life with a fellow beach lover.