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Reef-Safe Sunscreen: How does it work & Why should I use it?

Andrew Gesek

Posted on February 13 2021

What makes a sunscreen reef-safe & why should I care?

Choosing how to protect your skin is confusing. There are so many different options and the sunscreen brands make so many different claims about their sunscreen. Did you know that claims like "reef safe" aren't even regulated? In this confusing world of sunscreen, it's important to educate yourself. 

Check out the video below for an easy explanation of reef-safe sunscreen. 

 Here's a quick link to our favorite reef-safe sunscreen! 

Here's a quick breakdown - the three things you should look for in a sunscreen to make sure it's reef safe is:

  • Octinoxate and oxybenzone free (these ingredients are directly linked to coral bleaching).
  • Mineral based sunscreen (this is usually sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as it's main ingredients).
  • Non-nano ingredients (this means that the ingredients are not small enough to be ingested by the corals). 

Now that you're equipped to be a ocean advocate and identify the best reef safe sunscreen for you, get out there and save our oceans!

For more information on the topic, click here. 

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