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Fast Fashion: What is Fast Fashion? & Why is E-Ko on a Mission to Slow it Down?

Andrew Gesek

Posted on February 27 2021

The fashion industry is one of the most heavily polluting industries in the world. The trend is to buy, buy, buy & oh don’t forget to replace your clothes each season (because the quality is so low they're probably worn out anyway). This is causing quite a strain on the Earth’s resources. Learn more about the dangers of the fast fashion industry by watch the video below.

It's obvious that fashion is bad news for the environment. So, we, at E-Ko, are doing everything we can to stop this trend and slow down fast fashion. Let me break down just how we are doing that:

  • Meant to Last: Our products are made with high quality materials to give the products the longest life possible. We also design with sustainability in mind – designing timeless designs that will stay in style & avoiding trendy fads that will lead consumers to trash our product in a few weeks once that trend is over.
  • Sustainable Materials: The materials of our products are either recycled or sustainably sourced, creating the smallest possible strain on the Earth’s resources.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Our packaging is thoughtfully chosen with the goal of using the least amount of “virgin” resources while ensuring that minimal packaging waste ends up in the landfill. We prioritized first the biodegradable options, options made of recycled materials that could be recycled or reused, and recyclable items. All of our packaging has at least one of these criteria. Learn more about our ethical packaging here.
  • Recycling Program: Our creation of the opportunity for the products to either be reused, recycled, or repurposed, once they are completely worn out, completes our circular solution because it prevents the items from ending up in the landfill. This gives the items another life and another trip around the circular solution. Swimsuits in particular are an item that is often discarded after use because of sanitary issues. We have implemented a recycling program to provide a solution to this issue and keep more products out of the landfill and the ocean. Learn more about our recycling program here. 

In short, our high-quality manufacturing and distribution process creates minimal waste while eliminating already existent waste, through our use of recycled materials. It ensures that our products are recyclable or reusable themselves so that no products go to waste. Of course, this is a journey and each day we are brainstorming ways to become more eco-friendly and less wasteful. We hope you join us on this journey!


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