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The Sustainable Packaging Solution: Why is Plastic Packaging Everywhere?

Andrew Gesek

Posted on March 07 2021

 It's no secret that plastic is a threat to our oceans. Statistics are furthering the point: plastic waste in the ocean kills more than 1 million sea creatures a year. We've got to do something to change our daily habits if we want future generations to feel the joy we do when we spot the occasional July dolphin during our much-awaited beach trip.

 Yet, doesn't it seem like we face so much resistance when we try to limit our plastic consumption? Plastic is everywhere! A single use plastic product that is so hard to avoid is plastic packaging, whether it be plastic packaging in your online shopping order or the plastic bags from the grocery store. And don't forget that these plastic bags release micro-plastics as they break down, which is a whole different issue that we'll link a resource to below.

Check out the video to learn more about the history of packaging and the reality of sustainable packaging. Then, we'll share our plan to help push toward a future with less plastic.  

Individual action is essential in changing any societal trend. Our society is driven through supply and demand, which is certainly something you can influence. But, we don't want to brush over the fact that businesses certainly carry more weight & societal influence. If businesses don't supply alternatives to plastic packaging, then you have no choice but to contribute to plastic waste. 

So as an individual, what can you do?

  • Seek out businesses that do offer alternatives to plastic packaging - your support will show other companies that you value plastic-free shopping.
  • Ask your favorite companies to start offer plastic packaging alternatives if they don't already.
  • Make your voice heard by using your influence as a valued customer!

 It's our experience that businesses certainly do have access to alternatives to plastic packaging, so don't be afraid to ask! Here's a little bit about how we approach packaging at E-Ko Beach LIfe:

Our big focus is not making our packaging bigger than it needs to be, so we can avoid using excess materials.  

We partner with EcoEnclose for all of our packaging. They provide:
  • Our 100% Recycled Paper Apparel Mailer that is recyclable, compostable, & plastic-free. 
  • Our 100%  Recyclable Padded Mailer that is constructed inside and out from recovered trash.  
  • Our packaging paper that is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and compostable. 
  • Our custom E-Ko package stickers that use the world's most sustainable sticker option - Zero Waste Stickers! 


We've got to admit that we aren't where we want to be yet. Our SPF 50 zinc sunscreen still comes in a plastic bottle. But, we are continuing the search for ways to improve the eco-friendliness of our products & this includes removing as much plastic packaging from our products as possible.

Learn more about our packaging here. 

If you want to learn more about microplastics and their effect on the ocean, read this.

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